As the story goes, he needed dessert, right away.
The Apple Blossom Queen was on her way.
A simple, slightly sweet treat would be perfect. 
And of course, it had to involve apples.
So he whipped together a quick pie.
(Some people make the mistake of calling it cake – but it is a pie – I assure you.)
He layered spice cake, whipped vanilla frosting, and applesauce.
It was name Winchester Cream Pie.
It was a hit and became a tradition.

The Apple Blossom Queen hails from Winchester Virginia.
This is the home to the annual Apple Blossom Festival.
The he in this story is my Great-Grandfather who cooked for the Pentagon. 
Here is his quick, delicious recipe:

the STUFF:

yellow cake box mix (+needed ingredients)
heavy whipping cream

what TO DO:

prepare the cake according to the instructions on the box
add cinnamon & nutmeg to the batter (according to your taste)
bake in two 9” cake pans, again according into the instructions on the box

while the pies are baking . . .
pour the heavy cream into a large mixing bowl
whipped on high
add sugar and vanilla (according to taste)
whip until little peaks form

once the cakes have cooled, carefully cut each cake in half 
(*use a long knife, keep your hand on the top of the cake)
on a nice platter, assemble #1 layer:
place the cake down
frost with generous amounts of whipped cream
finally spoon generous amounts of applesauce on the middle of the cake, then spread evenly
(*leave an inch border so the applesauce does not leak out)
repeat with the remaining three layers
add a little more cinnamon and nutmeg on top for garnish

- Coco

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