I am back!
What?  Where did I go?
Oops … I forgot to mention – I went home!
It was wonderful.  Great people, great food, and great times.

And now I am back.  Back west that is. 
And back to living my western life.  Which means no more pizza every day (seriously.  well … almost every day).  

One day, while home, I went on my pilgrimage.  It was a long trek.  Down my driveway and down a block to my neighbor’s home.  My purpose?  To eat breakfast!  AND to spend time with Mrs. B, my neighbor.  She has THE BEST laugh.  The kind that is contagious.  If she laughs you cannot help but laugh too.  My fondest memories are of the car pool during the middle school years – all the neighborhood kids piling into her minivan.  Anyway … breakfast at Mrs. B's  … 
     donuts.                                                             coffee.                                               bacon!                                               cherries & 

blueberry PANCAKES!

These are a different kind of pancake.  How to describe them?  They are like … pancake meets crepe.  This recipe came from her aunt, who learned this recipe in middle school home ec.  Mrs. B has tried to recreate her aunt’s pancakes, but apparently hers are a bit different.  So, here they are, The Famous Mrs. B’s Pancakes:


3 tbs. butter 
2 eggs
1 tbl sugar 
2 tsp baking powder
1/3 cup milk
5 tbl flour 
1 teaspoon vanilla extract  

what TO DO

melt the butter 
beat two eggs and mix with the butter
add milk
add vanilla extract 
combine sugar, baking powder, flour 
add the dry mixture to the wet mixture 
(the mixture is a thin consistency)
poor onto a hot griddle, adding blueberries if desired
when batter bubbles, turn to the other side 


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