Sometimes I act like a little kid.
Apparently I move like a little kid (or so I am told).
Frequently I eat like a little kid.

As a little kid I always had a PB&J, a juice box & a Chewy granola bar in my lunchbox.  (I had this awesome red Rugrats lunchbox).  As the years passed the Chewy bar was sometimes substituted for a Nature Valley bar.  Some things never change.  PB&J is still a staple in my diet; juice boxes are perfect on summer days spent outside; and granola bars are still a top favorite snack.

Granola bars are portable and packed with healthy energy.
This recipe requires no baking, just a little bit of patience while the bars set in the fridge.
Eat them for dessert; take them on the go; or bring them to share with some dude.   
Cranberry Walnut White Chocolate Granola Bars (for two):


1/3 cup oats
1/4 cup dried cranberries
1/4 cup walnut pieces
1/4  cup white chocolate

4-5 teaspoons honey
1/4  teaspoon vanilla
1 teaspoon cinnamon
what TO DO

in a mixing bowl 
mix the oats, dried cranberries, walnut pieces & white chocolate 
in a small saucepan heat the honey, vanilla & cinnamon
(when the mixture bubbles, heat for a minute or so then remove from heat)
add the hot honey mixture to the mixing bowl & stir
(…keep stirring…you will have to stir a lot…stir until every oat is covered)  
line a baking pan with plastic wrap
(use enough so that the plastic wrap extend over the edge of the pan)
pack the granola mixture into the pan
(…keep packing…thin it out as much as you’d like)
wrap the granola with the extra plastic wrap & put the pan into the fridge
(it will take a few hours for the granola to set)
later, remove from the fridge & cut into bars


Paige DeRaedt
08/04/2012 4:25pm

These granola bars are great!! I would highly recommend!!


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