She goes out to hang the windchime 
in her nightie and her work boots.
It's six-thirty in the morning 
and she's standing on the plastic ice chest
tiptoe to reach the crossbeam of the porch,

windhchime in her left hand,
hammer in her right, the nail
gripped tight between her teeth
but nothing happens next because
she's trying to figure out how to switch #1 with #3

She must have been standing in the kitchen,
coffee in her hand, asleep,
when she heard it - the wind blowing
through the sound the windchime
wasn't making
because it wasn't there.

No one, including me, especially anymore believes 
til death do us part,
but I can see what I would miss in leaving -
the way her ankles go into the work boots
as she stands upon the ice chest;
the problem scrunched into her forehead;
the little kissable mouth
with the nail in it.

berries&cream POPSICLES!


(any other berries)
cranberry juice 
vanilla ice cream

what TO DO

here's a trick to create a good flavor balance ...
take a glass 
fill 1/2 way with cut strawberries 
add blackberries on top, filling 3/4 way
pour cranberry juice, let it drip to the bottom until it fills the bottom 1/8th (ishh) of the glass
add a BIG scoop of vanilla ice cream

dump the delicious contents of the glass into a blender
pour into popsicle tray (mold?)
place in freezer 

repeat if you want more popsicles  
repeat, adding ice cubes, if you want to drink some while waiting for the popsicles

enjoy outside in the sunshine 

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