I am cooking for a family this evening.  They recently moved into a beautiful house they built.  We will cook, eat, and watch the sun slip behind the fields.  What to cook?  Italian food?  Of course.

My mom’s meatballs are the BEST; she fries them in olive oil and garlic.  Yum.  But I don’t want to cook a heavy sauce all day.  A garlic sauce sounds tasty.  The family has plenty of white wine in the pantry, and shrimp is a family favorite.  They also have a lot of leftover rolls; I guess I’m also making garlic bread.  Garlic is not only heart healthy, it not only supposedly keeps the vampires away, but it is also delicious.  Garlic meatballs & garlic-shrimp-white wine sauce & garlic bread: 

the STUFF:

ground beef
egg & milk
Italian breadcrumbs
parmesan cheese 
garlic, black pepper, oregano, basil

salad shrimp
white wine
olive oil & garlic
butter & lemon
parsley & black pepper

what TO DO:

(use a fork or your hands to mix everything together)
beat an egg in a large bowl
add the ground beef
add enough milk to moisten the ground beef (this is my mom’s secret to moist meatballs)
coat the meat in bread crumbs (be generous)
coat the meat in (freshly grated) parmesan cheese (be generous)
add (freshly chopped) garlic (again, be generous)
add seasoning to taste 
mix well

form into balls
heat skillet with olive oil & fresh chopped garlic
cook meatballs (about 10 mins)

heat olive oil & (freshly chopped) garlic in deep frying pan
(the olive oil should generously coat the bottom of the pan)
add about 4 ounces of stick butter
add lemon juice (freshly squeezed) from ½ a lemon
add white wine (2 parts white wine to 1 part olive oil)
season with parsley and black pepper

now my mom claims the shape of the pasta makes a difference
my dad says it’s all the same
my mom is right on this one
certain pastas are better for certain sauces  
best over capellini (angle hair pasta)

top with fresh parmesan cheese
serve with white wine 

This is a delicious yet simple sauce that is perfect 
for the summer
in the evening light &
with good company


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