It has been another sweltering, sunny summer day.  My day was filled with sweat and music.  My tummy is empty, and I am standing in the coolness of the fridge just staring – deciding what to make for dinner.  I have some cherub tomatoes, the kind that is perfect in salads.  I also have some leftover white onion I should make use of.  I’ve washed the tomatoes in my housemate’s adorable baby strainer.  I am standing in the heat of the kitchen just staring – deciding what to do with these adorable tomatoes in the adorable strainer.  It’s already hot, so, turning the oven on won’t make much of a difference.  Garlic Roasted Tomatoes + Fried Onions atop farfalle


fresh garlic
olive oil + balsamic vinaigrette
black pepper + oregano + basil
1/2 large white onion
parmesan cheese

what TO DO

wash tomatoes, slice in half & toss in the bowl
cut garlic into slices & toss in the bowl
add about 1 tablespoon olive oil & 1 tablespoon balsamic vinaigrette
season with black pepper, oregano & basil
mix in the bowl
spoon onto a baking pan cover with aluminum foil
bake on 350 F until the tomatoes are soft and tender (about 10-15 mins)

in a frying pan ...
add a little olive oil
sauté onions seasoned with oregano
mix the onions with the garlic roasted tomaotes

bring water to a boil
cook farfalle (bow tie pasta!)
top with onion & garlic roasted tomatoes 
grate parmesan cheese


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