Summer.  It’s hot – very hot.  What to cook?  Something simple, something easy, something that does NOT require the oven … Pasta Salad!  My mom always made pasta salad, as a side, but it always turned into a meal.  So here’s my attempt to do her recipe justice.  Pasta Salad:  

the STUFF:

Tri-Color Rotini 
Red Pepper                                     Green Pepper 
Black Olives                                    Broccoli 

Olive Oil                                           Italian Salad Dressing 
Fresh Ground Black Pepper       Parmesan Cheese

what TO DO:

Bring water to a boil, salt slightly.  Cook the pasta.
Chop the peppers into medium sized bits.
Chop the broccoli.
Half the olives.

Mix the pasta, peppers, broccoli & olives in a larger bowl.  
Dress with 2 parts Italian Salad Dressing to 1 part Olive Oil.  
Add Fresh Ground Black Pepper.  Grate Parmesan Cheese over.  

Vary the quantities to taste.  My personal preference is a LOT of Parmesan Cheese.  
Mix, cover, refrigerate & EAT!

Eat as a side, eat for lunch, eat for dinner – even eat as a late-night snack. 


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