a knitted turtleneck,
cause the late-afternoon air smells crisp,  
the sleeves slip past her little hands
as the Macintosh meets her chapped lips
crunching, her feet up on the dash.  

back and parked where they had tread
their tracks that late snowy night.
and now that one song
plays on the radio,
she can’t help but smile

at the lasting memory,
which tastes of hot chocolate
and rum.

now the leaves are burnt
a muddy orange,
as the sun bends backwards 
towards the weeping willow,
turn the record over.


capellini (angel hair)
4 cloves garlic 
1 TBS olive oil
1 white onion
1 red pepper
2 carrots 
1 can crushed tomatoes  
1 bay leaf, basil, toasted onion, black pepper, crushed red pepper   
0.5-1 lb ground beef 
Italian seasoned bread crumbs 
1-2 TBS milk 

what TO DO

mince the garlic 
chop the onion and pepper 
slice the carrots 

add oil and garlic to frying pan
sauté the onions (about 2 mins)
add the peppers and carrots (2 mins)
add half the can of crushed tomatoes  
season, stir, cover

place the ground beef in a bowl
coat the top of the meat with bread crumbs
add about 1 TBS of milk (this is the secret to making the meat moist)
blend with your hands 
(then wash your hands)

add the meat to the sauce
add the remaining crushed tomatoes 
stir on med-high 
once the meat is cooked, lower the heat and let the sauce simmer covered 

cook the pasta 
traditionally meat sauces dresses tagliatelle (thick, flat spaghetti – similar to fettuccine) 
thick sauce, thick pasta – it makes sense
so capellini?  I know, I know –
it’s just … so good.
anyway cook whatever pasta your heart desires 
top your pasta with the Bolognese Sauce and enjoy with ….

Garlic-Olive Oil-Spice Bread

I know baking bread sounds intimidating,
so when I say this is super easy, trust me.
bread baked in a pot, yes a pot,
it is easy
and most definitely worth it!


1 package active yeast 
1 cup warm water 
1 TSP sugar
4 cups bread flour 
2 TBS ground black pepper 
1 TBS coarse sea salt 
4 TBS butter 
5 cloves garlic, sliced 
4 TBS thyme 
2 TSP crushed red pepper
1 TBS toasted onion 
olive oil 

what TO DO

slightly warm water to about 100F
add the yeast and sugar, stir slightly 

let sit for 5 min. 
the mix should foam 

mix the flour with black pepper and salt 

melt butter
add garlic, thyme, red pepper, toasted onion    

add the water mix and the butter mix to the flour mix
it would be best to use a mixer 
but I don’t have one
so I just used my hands … it worked
it takes a few minutes, but trust me, it works 

cover the dough and let sit for 1 hour 
the dough should double in size 

on a floured surface knead the dough for about 4 minutes 
form the dough into a round loaf 

pre-heat oven to 475F
coat the bottom of a pot with olive oil
place the bread inside the pot
cut an X on the top of the bread
coat the top with some more olive oil
sprinkle some more black pepper and salt on top
place lid on pot
bake for 30 minutes
Remove lid and lower heat to 450F
Bake for another 10-15 minutes

slice it and butter it or
pick it apart and dip it in more olive oil   


Aunt Mike
10/08/2012 10:33am

Absolutely wonderful!


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