I ran to the farmer’s market today – literally, I was red-faced and short of breath when I finally got there.  I cannot decide if the market is best in autumn or in the summer.  Autumn’s smells and tastes are my favorite (i.e. cinnamon).  Bright berries and flowers colored a sea of leafy greens.  I bartered (with money, bartered just seems to be an appropriate word … anyway…) for some berries and kale!  I am going to make some kale chips – easy, delicious, and packed with vitamin A.  But I am not only going to make kale chips.  I am going to introduce summer to autumn (which is an Indian Summer, my all-time-favorite season…again, anyway…); I am going to introduce kale to sweet potatoes.  
Kale Chips meet Sweet Potato Chips :    


olive oil
sea salt
fresh ground black pepper

sweet potato
olive oil
chili powder
sea salt
fresh ground black pepper

what TO DO

wash the kale (really well), drain & dry
remove the leafy parts from the main vein
(I just ripped it with my hands)
toss in a bowl with enough olive oil to lightly coat the kale
add sea salt and fresh ground pepper (more salt than pepper) to taste

heat over to 350
cover a baking pan with parchment paper
(which I had none of so I used aluminum foil, it worked just fine)
bake for 10 mins.
(until crispy but not burnt)

skin the sweet potato & slice thin
toss in a bowl with a coating of olive oil
add cinnamon, a little chili powder, sea salt, fresh ground pepper to taste
raise oven temperature to 450
bake on parchment (or aluminum foil)
bake for about 20 mins.

introduce the kale chips to the sweet potato chips
they just work so well together 

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