Today is my brother’s birthday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY SKIPPY)

Years ago, about one week after his birth, I famously stated that I had fun playing with him, but I had enough and wanted to return him.  Well, I have since changed my mind.  We have always been a dynamic duo, and he is my best bud.  So thanks, for putting up with me when I dressed you up, destroyed your Lego creations, and tagged along.  I wish I could be home to celebrate with you. 

If I could visit, “I would’ve baked you a cake”.
Since I can’t visit, I’ve baked you a cake anyway.
For Skippy, UPside-DOWN pineapple cake:


1 box yellow cake mix
                  +olive oil
Orange zest
1 cup dark brown sugar
½ cup butter
Pineapple (fresh, chunks, rings, whatever you’d like)
Cherries (fresh, jarred, candied, whatever you’d like)

what TO DO

Follow the instruction on the cake mix box
Here are some secrets to making the cake moist:
                  +use olive oil
                  +double the amount of oil the box says to use
                    & adjust the amount of water accordingly
Add some orange zest to the mix for added citrus flavor
Set batter aside...

Lightly butter the bottom of a rectangular cake pan
Melt the ½ cup butter, remove from heat
Stir in dark brown sugar
Pour the mixture into the bottom of the cake pan
Sprinkle shredded coconut
Add pineapple, evenly distributing
Add cherries, evenly distributing (if you have them)
Pour the batter on top, spreading evenly
Place in preheated oven
Following the instructions on the box for time & temp.
Check the cake with a toothpick
Remove from oven when the toothpick comes out clean
Let cool for at least 30 mins

Now for the upside-down part, the cake has to be flipped!
I place a cookie pan on top of the cake pan
and flip the cake onto the cookie pan

Celebrate (with candles)
Sing (out of tune)
Enjoy (with family/friends)

- Coco

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