the Castle looms on the horizon 
with the rising sun behind. 
an imperial sight – 
the rook’s stately comportment 
cast in plaster 
as Apollo carts the shadows. 

the Elephant lumbers onward 
with exhaustion in her limbs.
a week’s persistent journey – 
I follow clandestinely behind
with great expectations
of the city that awaits.

This recipe is my Grandmother’s.  
Given to me on faded paper, typed – with a typewriter.  It is 3-hole-punched and rests in my cookbook.  This recipe is quick & simple.  It is wonderful for catering or simply for an everyday dinner.  Chicken (or Veal) Piccata:

1-1/2 cutlets, pounded thin
4 cloves garlic
4 Tbs butter
¼ C lemon juice
¼ C white wine
2 Tbs fresh parsley
what TO DO

coat cutlet pieces with flour & shake excess
mince garlic & chop parsley
melt 2 Tbs butter in skillet
add meat & brown 4 minutes each side
add remaining butter
reduce heat
add lemon juice, wine & parsley
cook about 8 minutes 

garnish  with lemon slices & parsley
eat with angel hair pasta


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