went running today
out in the woods of the ancient sages,
their backs straight as arrows despite their age.
they tower over me, murmuring back and forth the secrets of the universe,
cackling at my artlessness.
their comportment is always stately, and justly so,
their wisdom far exceeds my own.
they gather in groups to discuss,
they must journey from another world above,
spears thrown down by the gods, piercing the ground,
and I amble into their mystic space,
light falling from a distance above,
it feels ethereal.
and it makes me wonder why I worry,
why those trivial things that shouldn’t matter, just do.
like the chip of paint missing from the wall or the toast that is too toasted
or the less than perfect mark or the silent phone with no messages.
my worries seem less worrisome out in the woods.

I wish I could spend all day wandering the woods,
listening to the elders whisper the story of the worlds.
_ _ _

I baked some toasted almond biscotti, again.
This time I added some miniCHOCOLATEchips.
(3/4 cup toasted almonds + 3/4 cup chocolate)
Special thanks to Tog (the German baking Italian) for all his help!
early morning light + english time tea + almond chocolate biscotti 

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