I smelled the field out back
where a vegetable garden once grew,
pollen polluting the air in ecstasy
for Summer’s late evening sensualism.

Winking, I traced atop the Blue Ridge
with my thumb
as the sun lowered its round hips
to sit upon the Ridge.

Summer’s hair, weaved of wheat –
                       for that I am almost certain –
glowed golden.  I could see the pollen collecting
and crowning her head, here is where the fragile princess belongs. 

He had her tiny hand
clasped firmly in his own
as they calmly stood,
watching the sitting sun.

Out atop the Blue Ridge
a wink can pause time,
just enough to help remember
those missed details –

winking, I traced atop their silhouettes
with my thumb.

His youth belongs to Summer –
that is what I envy.
My hair resemble the Raven’s,
I belong to the Night.

I stood behind them,
no longer wanting to wink,
(so I could blend into the looming Night)
and I let the sun slip below the Blue Ridge.

Orange Juice and I have a very specific relationship.

We do breakfast.  Only bagels and/or eggs. 
Very specific.  Very simple. 

Never cereal.  Never oatmeal.  Never pancakes, French toast, or waffles. 

It is the idea of dairy and citrus that makes my stomach flop. 
Well creamsicles are basically defined as dairy + citrus.
Creamsicles are the exception.  Why?
Nostalgia maybe. 
(They remind me of warm summer nights, star gazing on the beach with my family – toes in the sand and a hoodie pulled over my head)  
Cheers to summer nights.

I came across homemade creamsicles on THIS joyous site!
This recipe is very simple: dairy + citrus. 

makes approximately 8 popsicles

2-1/4 cups ice cream (store bought or homemade)
1 cup orange juice (freshly squeezed or bottled)
orange zest (optional)
1/2 cup cream (optional * minus 1/4 cup ice cream if using)
ice pop makers (any kind of disposable cup + popsicle stick works well)

what TO DO

in a blender . . . (or if you do not own a blender *cough-cough* a bowl and a big spoon works just fine)
add the ice cream & orange juice
add the orange zest and 1/4 cup cream (if using)
blend together
pour into ice pop makers
slightly whip remaining cream (if using) & top off the ice pop makers
freeze for a few hours

- Coco